MoKee center has stopped

MoKee center has stopped //
none 4.0 1

What should I do? When I open and click to refresh it gives that error .

The new version of the Mokee Center will be in effect in the rom version released tomorrow. Perhaps this new version of the Mokee Center will help you. This entry uses the Google Translate service, please forgive the various errors in the entry.

How can I get this version

just update to tomorrow version mk810

Tomorrow, after the MK81.0 of your device is compiled, download the full package from the official website and use recovery to flash your device (given your Mokee Center is no longer available).

Thank u but I don’t know recovery flashing. Because of that I didn’t install MoKee to this device.

Do you have TWRP?

No I don’t

If you want get Mokee,go to XDA to get a TWRP.