Osborn Oreo 8.1 y Pie 9.0

Osborn Oreo 8.1 y Pie 9.0


Hello, I downloaded several versions of Oreo 8.1 and everything is fine, except the GCam I can not find a version that works without problems, so I ask the Mokee team would it be possible to implement the Smartisan Nut Pro 2 camera application in Oreo 8.1?

And on the other hand, I am trying to install Android 9 on my Nut Pro 2 (Osborn), but always, always when I get to the initial configuration screen, the device restarts constantly. I know it’s experimental, but is it normal for me to do that?


the GCam cannot work on Pro2 / 8.1 yet.
U can install 9.0 on your Pro 2.


When I install 9.0 Pie you hear a constant click for a few seconds and then it restarts. It does not work. And the only time I managed to install it correctly, I did not recognize my WIFI network


Now everything is ok. You can up to Pie.


Hello, in my case it does not work. I installed Android 9 (MK90.0-osborn-201812291635-EXPERIMENTAL.zip) but after a few seconds with the mokee logo the phone restarts and goes into recovery mode.
Edit: After not being able to correctly install Android 9, I tried to recover the backup of the official rom 6.1.3 with twrp and I do not have sound.


DO NOT install a experimental build unless you’re a practiced developer and willing to join the development of a device.


but I do not understand friend, on the one hand he tells me that I can install Android 9 because everything is already corrected. but on the other hand it tells me not to install experimental versions. but in the web of mokee I can only download an experimental version for u3 pro. I do not understand.


You can download Nightly version now.


Hello, I have installed the Nightly version of Android 9 but it does not recognize my Wi-Fi network


Fixed in 20191231.


I’m trying, but in the first attempt I forgot to delete the previous content of the mobile and now every time I enter the pin of the sim the terminal goes into the loop listening to a continuous click and restart alone. And the only solution is to reinstall the official rom> install twrp> erase everything and install android 9 again, but still with the booster and it becomes impossible to install correctly Android 9

Edit: that sound of clicks happens when pressing some element of the screen it emits the typical sound of pulsation.


no, just reboot to twrp and wipe.


If I do this and install Android 9 again, I find that when I click on the screen, the phone emits a slight clicking sound in the form of a loop and ends up restarting itself. For now I am being unable to install Android 9 without problems.


Wipe your data.


Hello, I have reinstalled Android 9 previously deleting the official rom and now everything is fine. The only thing I miss is a good management of the data that the camera delivers. Let me explain: In the official rom of Smartisan, we have a very good camera application that delivers a very good quality photos. In this version of Android, I notice that the photos do not have quality, they have a lot of noise, the photos with activated hdr are not made and the camera application hangs. I have tried a paid application and the result is similar, for example, when I focus on an object with the flash activated, it stays on all the time and does not take the picture.


The official apps of device manufacturers is the patent apps of the manufacturer, not open source, non-profit applications. In principle they should not be built into MoKee ROM.

Maybe you can try Google camera.


Hey guys. Thanks for this ROM for Smartisan Nut pro 2! I’m glad to see someone is doing something with it. I am trying to install latest pie rom, but I get error 7. Is there an updated version of TWRP? Or can I just flash the newest generic twrp?


Can you post the error 7 screenshot here?
Better to post a new thread.


Hey, thanks Hcv017, but I figured it out. I had to update TWRP to 3.2.3. Worked perfect after I updated.


I hear that pulsing sound also. Anybody know why it does it? It seems to stop when I pick the device up from the desk.
Sounds to be coming from the speaker.