BUG !! | Xiaomi mi4 Cancro Pie 9.0

BUG !! | Xiaomi mi4 Cancro Pie 9.0 //mokee-discourse.s3.dualstack.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/optimized/2X/d/d25c4e08d506551fe955ddd4c308fb3a4f8729f0_2_576x1024.png
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Bug On Mokee 9.0 last version

The bug that I found is

  • can’t change wallpaper
  • if i enable navbar phone blank/freeze
  • can’t play video on instagram
  • offline charger not working
  • can’t turn off the phone, if the phone is turned off, it will automatically turn on
  • if i update sound by google llc on playstore and i change ringtone from setting app force close

all fixed

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