New Bug | Xiomi Mi4 Cancro Mokee 9.0

Bug on cancro device

  • I can’t change ringtone, if i change ringtone sound app keeps stopping
  • FM Radio not work
  • When I finished installing ROM, then I rebooted the system and when loading bootanimation appeared a few seconds later bootanimation stopped temporarily, then continued again but not directly booting into the mobile device setup will freeze and must reboot first by long pressing the power button
  • when I want to set it in the setup wizard, in the check for updates it will force close

  • I don’t know this bug or not, but speaker sound is very low

Did you not perform Wipe operation when flashing Android 9.0?

Update Android version, we recommend you Wipe.

every time I install ROM, I will definitely do a wipe cache/dalvik/data/system

Im on the last rom

On no camera app on drawer ?