Mi Mix 2 Bug report

Mi Mix 2 Bug report


Bug description: Notification light flashes too quickly. too brightly (compared to miui) 灯闪得太快和太亮
Affected version: MK71.2-chiron-201710080314-NIGHTLY.zip
Steps to replicate: Receiving notifications

Other Questions:

  • Using magisk on this rom, I can’t pass safety net still~

  • Could xposed not be pre-installed in the rom please? I can’t find anyway to remove it. It will affect passing safety net as well


  • Thanks for fixing double tap to wake, it works well now


notification light problem needs OSS kernel,so please be patient


Sure, thanks for your reply ! :slight_smile:


no bluetooth sound through headphones… It connets fine but no sound.


Hello and thanks for bringing this rom to us!
The only problem I notice is that the volume is low when watching youtube videos or movies on google play. I turn the vloume up to the highest level but not very loud at all.
Thanks again!






This says “failed” for Mi Mix 2.

Also Volte does not work for T Mobile in the USA. I have LTE but as soon as I make a call it drops to 3g or H+.
Thank you again for this Room!


This is a sad story.


The proximity sensor does not work on phone calls


When doing a 3 way conference call the phone app force closes


As a general rule of thumb, for AOSP type roms such as mokee

Look for mixer_paths.xml and mixer_paths_mtp.xml in /system/etc

Open them and look for RX1(and rx2 and rx3 and so on) Digital Volume , Change their values to something like 94

Save and then replace the original files in /system/etc, remember to set the original permissions, should be rw-r–r--


Thanks ! Great work! Some of the bugs still exist for me like how the phone app force closes on 3 way calls, no volte on T-Mobile, proximity sensor, led notification crazy flashing, when hitting the back, home, or recent button the vibration is more like a double tap vibration rather than just 1 vibration.


Please offer a way to disable xposed so that SafetyNet can pass. Otherwise impossible for many people to use this ROM :frowning:


Huge battery drain from system


The clock/timer app doesn’t open up on mi mix 2 rom