Phone is shutdown when battery level is over 30%.

Phone is shutdown when battery level is over 30%.
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My phone is ZUK Z2PRO Z2121, mk71.2-z2pro-181213-releases.
I have 2 devices of same OS & hardware.
1device is original battery.
This problem was happen in both devices.

Phone was shutdown automatically.
But, My phones Battery is over 30%.

Some time this problem was happen.

I watched battery level’s display was changed such below.
30%→0%(start shutdown)→30%(after several seconds).
This shutdown is not power outage immediately.
It takes tens of seconds to close the software by normally shutdown.

I think, Software or hardware to monitor battery level is insane.
So, this OS is overreacting to the battery level.

Please wait before judging 0% level and shutdown.
This need 5seconds waiting and checking 2 times about battery level.


zukz2pro MK7.1所有版本低电量立即跳为零关机
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