zuk z2 20171008版本出现掉基带问题


Hello bro,you can download 20171007 full pack and install it without wipe anything that you’ll not lose any app or data.

Hi there Hanly. Normally I would boot to Revovery and go to Instal and use the ZIP but this would wipe everything. And i want to avoid that. The update app from mokee doesnt show me any possible previous zips to download. IT is just blank.

Can You advise how to dowgrade the system step by step??

It wouldn’t wipe your data if you just install an old version,I’ve tried it by my TWRP Recovery before,from 20171010 to 20171007 and I did’t lose my data and app.If you still worry about it,try backup your data before that(Titanium Backup is a good choice).


Hi again. I tester 20171008 and the SIM card was still not read. Do I went even further back to 20171007 and it is working!!! :grinning: The Baseband file is back​:grin:
And I didnt loose all the apps and files.

What I did is:
Reload into Revovery
Cleared Dalvik and ART cache
Installed ZIP from 20171007
Cleared Dalvik and ART cache again

I Hope someone will use this guide😉

神他妈修好了。 害得我立马去试了 结果还是没sim卡。1011的版本


嗯 可以了,10.11的已修复了,谢谢:grin:

你的是z2 pro 吧 和z2 不是同一个人维护的啊
这个帖子反馈的是z2的bug 。。。。。

zuk z2 20171011版依然没有解决问题。手机已插入sim卡仍显示无sim卡

Edit: Same error exists in 20171012.

The SIM card issue has not been fixed, the new version 20171012.


Good news!!! the SIM card bug is fixed in the new version 20171014



Sorry, unless you choose the incremental update of OTA, you will still lose all data. In addition, if you want to restore your phone, please downgrade the system 20171007 or the normal available version.20171011 an unknown error will cause the device to be disabled.Please wait for the official release of the available version after the restoration.
PS:Translation from Baidu