Feature Request for Pie

I want to request features for Mokee Pie Rom.
Here is the list of features that would be nice:

1.Add the ability to choose the amount of rows and columns in the quick settings.

2.Physical button customization.

3.Add gestures for long press of buttons or double click. Like long press home button for Google or Google assistant. It should be possible to choose what app it runs.

4.Battery icon customization, like landscape icon, square icon, circle icon. And add the ability to show the % of battery in the icon.

5.Recents should be in two variants the Pie one and the Oreo one to choose with one you want. It should be added a option like in Oreo to lock apps like Spotify. It would help to not kill you music app when you’re clearing the mess in you recents (with clear all button) and hearing music.

6.Add the amount of free Ram to the recents (with possibility to turn off)

7.Customization of lockscreen like adding weather on it.

Yes please, add these features.

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thanks man! with these features kindly listed by you this rom would be definitely not just “the best” custom ROM but “the definitive” one! Please dian, add these if you can!

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