Moto X 2014 Mokee 8.1

Moto X 2014 Mokee 8.1
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A rom Mokee 8.1, está vindo com builds com bug no reconhecimento do cartão sim, isto atrapalha no uso do dia a dia, está uma ótima rom, no caminho certo, porém este bug atrapalha demais…

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from XDA,maybe it works

Make sure you have root (either Magisk or Lineage is fine)

  • Open a root shell (either through adb or built in terminal app)
  • Type


setenforce 1 or 0

for enabling or disabling selinux

Though Lineage trust doesn’t pick it up, it seems to work for me, at least relating to SIM card issue.

To all those with SIM issues:
Though reboot to hope to fix is annoying, it usually works after a few tries and won’t be necessary again until you reboot.
If it is stubborn and doesn’t work, I use the above to manually setenforce 0 (even if it says it is off already) and reboot, that has worked first try every time until now.

In case, after the first reboot after this process, will the bug on the sim card disappear once, or will it appear more often? Because it is impossible to use ROM with this bug in daily use …