Redmi Note 5 (whyred) Bluetooth Drain

Bug description: Using the latest nightliy MK 81 I notice a heavy battery drain due to having Bluetooth active. With MIUI I was able to use the phone in mostly standby for four days, MK is only able to last ~30 hours. Bluetooth is listed as the app with most heavy battery usage and further analysis show that hal_bluetooth_lock was responsible for over 2500 wake locks with a total cpu time of over 3 hours.

Affected version: MK 81 Nightlys

Steps to replicate: Install OS, activate Bluetooth because you have a Smartwatch and keep it active.

Pinging the maintainer @GuaiYiHu
If I can help you resolve this bug, please let me know :slight_smile:

I double checked to make sure it really is the Bluetooth draining the battery and found that even though BT was listed as the most demanding app, with BT turned off I lost approx. 30% during a night of full standby.
I’m not sure what is using all the power then, but I had the same apps installed with MIUI and could last way longer.
Please advise.