Redmi note Gucci - Screen rotation not working after keeping phone on rest on a flat surface

Redmi note Gucci - Screen rotation not working after keeping phone on rest on a flat surface
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Bug description:
Using Redmi note prime Gucci. Gyroscope sensor stops working once the phone is kept on rest for some time (30 mins to more than an hour) and hence screen rotation stops working for any app. It starts working again only after restarting and the phone is not in rest.

Affected version:
Redmi note 1S Gucci with Mokee version MK71.2-gucci-190128-RELEASE

Steps to replicate:
After installing and setup, test for working of Screen rotation. After it is verified to be working, keep the phone on rest with screen off and locked. After already 30 mins to 1 hour, pick the phone again and test the working of screen rotation with any app. It’s observed to not working until again you reboot. Kindly fix this please.

I tried factory resetting and wiping cache and dalvik cache and restarting. Even then the issue persists. Hence reporting. Kindly help.



问题描述: Lawnchair未翻译彻底
当前版本: MK71.2-oneplus3-201708232008-NIGHTLY
复现步骤: 桌面空白处长按 - 设置 - 行为 - Lock Desktop


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