twrp for mi note pro (leo)

twrp for mi note pro (leo)
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Hello fellow MoKee, I have a problem. I have installed the recovery TWRP 3.1.0… And the latest version of Mokee 8.1 on my phone my note pro. But with the latest update to 9.0 I think the TWRP I have installed does not allow me to update. Is that the TWRP I need this to download in
But I can not download it I am a user of Spain and to access the page I have to register and I cannot. Please there is some other way or if you could pass the file to continue enjoying the latest updates on my phone my note pro. First of all thank you for the work done and to have our phones with the latest version of Android. Greetings

maybe you can get the twrp 3.2.x version on my MEGA:!lIhURaaT!BwfrWiCybi3GXm9ywG77U4QmAh4mR-eRccSl-r0b2Ho
Transfer from GuaiYiHu’s Baidu disk.

Android 8.1 changed device authentication, the old version of TWRP does not support flashing 8.1+, so you need update the twrp.

Hello thank you very much, it took a long time trying to download the file from international community that follows you usually have some problem to download from Baidu not being able to register. Anyway you are doing a great job with your custom ROMs, thanks to the team Mokee our phones are not only updated but your life is extended thank you very much. Greetings

You are welcome.