Nubia Z11 nx531j open-source support

Is it possible to support ZTE NUBIA Z11 (NX531J) ? Owners are ready to donate Android 9 Pie. If it helps, I am ready to send this device to developer.

是否有可能支持中兴NUBIA Z11(NX531J)?业主准备捐款


It is available right now.

Check this page out:

But don’t install the 2019-03-18 version which couldn’t boot. I would recommend the 2019-03-17 version.

Make sure the required RECOVERY is pre-installed, which can be found in that page as well. And clear DATA and CACHE after installing.

Thank you. I know about this and I would like to get more attention to this device. Is this development official? Maybe, somebody else from official mokee development group will help current development. I want this voting also indicate intention to donate. How can I contact to developers?

Okeeeee I got ya​:wink:

I also hope the development on this device get more attention!

I don’t know how to contact the developers, but have you tried the link ‘contact maintainer’ on the download page?

Yes, I tried this link and saw various information about user, but didn’t find any button like “contact me”. Maybe, because of my mobile chrome browser translating from one of the most difficult language to another of the most difficult)

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Device tree and Vendor tree would be great for comminty to fix bugs

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Now I see this button)))

Join we are trying to do bug fixes without device tree audio quality has been fixed
Still no way to contact chen

Hi developers, very happy for your victory and the firmware is excellent, I can not make a donation to you, with pipel small difficulties and payment Ali Pei in Chinese… There is still a possibility even as it is to pay? Through vichat you can just enter the card number? Can you add to the firmware for Nubia 11 downlocking? Not overclocking the processor, but rather reducing the frequency to increase autonomy? please do not kick, I write through a translator, thank you.