Root nx531j on Mokee 9

Root nx531j on Mokee 9


I update Mokee 9. See this post: Mokee 9 on nx531j

Two problems (from now):

  • How i can root the device ? Last time i do it from TWRP 3.0.0 but now with TWRP 3.2.2 i don’t have the option (silent star toolbox)

  • How to enable Trust (seLinux)? Seems only works if install AddonSu

I read a bit in the forum. It’s a bit crazy.
To root we must use Magisk or AddonSu:

Magisk18 is compatible with this version? Seems with Magisk, Trust not working… but AddonSu is only for Mk8.1

I found AddonSu MK9 but I can’t download from baidu… anyone have the file and post direct link? Anyone confirm it works?



You can use magisk it’s easier

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I uploaded the addonsu to onedrive.
You can download it from here:!Aip7h55Ooiwl133WEDAUsMhG7PBh


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Finally! Thank you my friend! :wink:
So for works with trust in Mokee 9 I can use this version or is better Magisk 18?

I install addonsu and Trust still not working… How i can unistall addonsu 9?


Dirty flash rom should remove it
If you need help you can msg me on telegram


Dirty flash - wipe cache and dalvik, flash ROM… And install gapps again?

Clean flash - wipe cache, dalvik, data and system, flash ROM and gapps

I need to format internal sd card on clean flash?

I need to do clean flash on install nightly rom version?


Wipe system and flash ROM again should work.