Older nightly versions?

I’m wondering if there is a way to download older nightly versions, sometimes when a new nightly comes something breaks and until fixed, we might want to use this older version. (I’m not talking about months old, but like 10days or two weeks)

Contact the maintainer and let him/her fix it in the next nighty build.

Maintainer doesn’t respond(((

Unfortunately Spencer is right… No response from Z17 nx563j maintainer whatsoever…
Is there a way to find out if he’s still active for this device?

i think @chenzc is the maintainer for Nubia nx563j z17, but I guess life got in the way… I hope he returns soon… But in the meantime is there no way to get an older build? From let’s say april 9th?

what is the problem?

Wel several things… For one recording video with default camera results in nothing but green image, also there apparently is a new vendor from nubia especially for Pie… Not sure exactly what @Spencer_Dexter said that was fixed in april 9th build, but broke again after next build

Some versions of google camera (many) crash on bright light using aux camera sensor. This bug presents even in stock rom but disappeared in mokee 09.04.19 but then appeared again.

Moreover green video with eis can be solved with two ways: set is_type to 4 instead of 5, or use libmmcamera_ppeiscore.so from latest pie vendor.

Last update is great: no green videos, no aux camera crash on bright light, no lag in stock nubia camera.
Great job!!!
Even bug from stock rom came back)))
Upd: bright light crash is still preisent