Please, have a way to disable xposed!

Please, have a way to disable xposed!


With xposed pre-installed, there is no way for us to pass SafetyNet, which means users who want Pokemon Go, Netflix, Banking apps, Super Mario Run, and other apps, cannot use them.

Could you please either release a version with no integrated xposed, or make some way to revert to not having xposed? Otherwise I really like Mokee rom.


Maybe you might consider closing the Xposed (default off) in the Xposed installer APP and then disabling it. This is equivalent to the absence of this thing.
也许你可以考虑在Xposed installer APP里关闭加载Xposed(默认关闭),然后将其禁用。这样就等同于不存在这个东西了。


Of course I have tried this, but if the xposed libraries exist on the system, Safetynet will fail.
There needs to be something that removes the libraries completely, similar to the official Xposed uninstaller. This would fix the issue.


I’ve also tried all of these, as well as run the official uninstaller, neither allows safetynet to pass. Does anyone have a fix?


Yes, atleast we have a way to uninstall Xposed completely. So we able to use some apps.


We already have a way to use these apps? What is it?