Mi4c problem with GPS and LED

Mi4c problem with GPS and LED
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Bug description: Location is not displayed. Satellites are connected. The phone sees about 30 satellites. Connects to 25 satellites and location does not show in the navigator or google maps. I tried to remake the gps.config file for the place where I live (Russia) and it did not help.
Also, the LED, when notified, shines with all colors. Is this a novelty or bug?
Affected version: MK90.0-libra-201904240820-NIGHTLY
Steps to replicate: Download GPS Test programm

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I have tried it from April, but I can not get GPS.
Even if I change to Mi8 and Samsun’s gps.conf, there are only three GPSs.

Only the following operating system versions work comfortably when combined with Mi8 or Sumson’s gps.conf.


With this tip, can GPS not find the difference between a good OS and version and a bad OS and version build?

GPS not found, recently tested version.

I will test it from now on.