Samsung Galaxy S5 g900h k3gxx microphone bug

I have been using this ROM since December, and it has greatly improved the performance of my g900h (Exynos 3G version). Since I installed it, I present several faults with the microphone, namely:

  • When recording a voice note in WhatsApp, even the voice recorder does not record the voice correctly. It sounds very low. You have to raise your voice considerably to get the listener to listen when you receive it,
  • In addition to this, the microphone is deactivated during the call if the speaker is placed. This fails if it seems serious because, practically, it disables the speaker to talk while driving, exercise, or any other activity.
    I have changed between several versions and the failure is the same. The strange thing is that the microphone sounds perfect during a normal call using the headset, but as I mentioned above, when placing the speaker it is deactivated.
    I am open to perform any tests with the smartphone.
    Greetings from Venezuela.

Bug description: Low volume in microphone using WhatsApp voicenotes and other PTT applications, including calls using speaker.
Affected version: MK71.2-k3gxx-190128-RELEASE

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