Lenovo Vibe X3 Bugs (MK71.2-x3-201710150253)

I have loaded MK71.2-x3-201710150253-NIGHTLY.zip on my phone, still having issues with mentioned below items:

Microphone: Lots of echo at recipient end with full background noise, it seems that noise cancellation is also not working which is making lots problems with any call.

Speaker: Turning on speaker phone is making problems, doesn’t work properly.

Camera: Bad picture quality, no proper focus. While recording videos quality is poor with poor brightness also mic. doesn’t work while recording videos.

Gallery: Stopping every moment

USB Connection: Unable to connect mobile with laptop it always shows “unrecognised” even after changing the mode to storage, photos and other modes. Attempted to change USB debugg or other option, but no luck

Notification LED: Always blinking, fast and continuously
Requesting you to please look into this or share a process to roll back on older (STOCK) Rom. While upgrading, my device model show X3_ROW.

Suneel Yadav

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