WiFi internet checking and information

I request to replace function for WiFi internet checking.

Example1, MK have Server list, User Primary’s defalt is google server.

Example2, When checking WiFi internet, MK use User Primary server.

Example3, If fail wifi internet, check from server list, User Primary is replaced succeeded server.

Example4, If succeed server is nothing, error is happen.

Example5(If it is difficult that replacing of WiFi internet checking function)
, set WiFi information checking parameter to always green, run MK’s WiFi checking function time to time or WiFi state changing event
, If WiFi internet connection is nothing set WiFi information checking parameter to normally (OS’ll check error) , else set WiFi information checking parameter to always green again.

From Mokee8, WiFi information is funny in Countries that are shutting out Google services alike China.
We can use internet by WiFi.
But status bar and information is displayed error ‘Internet is nothing’.
MK7 and old ver was don’t displayed such a error.

WiFi internet checking method was changed from Mokee8 or Android8.
In China this function is wolf crying.
We don’t know internet is whether WiFi or mobile internet.
Time to time, mobile carrier request expensive charge to us.

Thank you.

Just disable the checking and forget these complex rules.

adb shell settings put global captive_portal_detection_enabled 0

After your setting, WiFi information is successful always ?
If WiFi internet is disconnected, we can’t know fact ?

I tried your solution.
But my situation is not changed.

WiFi information’s error ‘Internet is nothing’ is displayed always.

I changed back to Mokee8.1 from 7.1 again.
I use this command with debug mode.
I checked captive_portal_detection_enabled after reboot.
Answer is 0.

Sure , I am using VPN always in China.
I think, WiFi internet information and VPN is not relation.