Mokee Update Error 7

Hi i have an Problem with mokee 90 nightly Version for my nubia z17 nx563j.
Since Yesterday i have the Problem i cant Update (the small Update, dont Know the correct English Word)
I Download it, Klick on Start to Update :
Then the Phone restart but Not to mokee updater
ITS Start to TWRP.
If i Update with TWRP i get Message.
Cant Update Error 7…

How to fix that? Download the full Image?
Sex die my Bad English…

Error 7 is not a real error message.
You should see the messages above Error 7.

I read that more have Problem to Update.
I try to Update to latest full Update.
But Error 7 too…
Then i try Premium. Same Problem.
Now I Install the latest working Image from 20190612 . But now the updater found No Updates…