Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo) - Goodix fingerprint sensor problem with encryption on Android 8.1

Bug description: All saved fingerprints are deleted after reboot. Goodix sensor specific problem.

Affected version: MK81.0-kenzo-201906261040-NIGHTLY. Later versions on Android 8.1 either.

Steps to replicate: Make sure you have Goodix sensor, encrypt your data, add some fingerprints, reboot.

How to fix on installed ROM: Change “start gx_fpd” to “enable gx_fpd” in /system/vendor/etc/init/init.kenzo.rc

This solution was found on 4PDA forum and it works.

gx_fpd starts ahead of time, instead of late_start, as it needs, it starts as soon as the kernel determines the type of scanner, and this is when the decrypted date is not yet mounted. Then it removes the extra fingers, as it believes.