Xiaomi Mi4c body side sensors

Xiaomi Mi4c body side sensors
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问题描述: Lawnchair未翻译彻底
当前版本: MK71.2-oneplus3-201708232008-NIGHTLY
复现步骤: 桌面空白处长按 - 设置 - 行为 - Lock Desktop


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Bug description:
The side tap/touch sensor on Xiaomi Mi4c is always active and if you tap the side even for mistake, the actual app on screen will close. This is so annoying and make screen reading very hard because apps continue to close because hands are always on phone sides. I would suggest a config option to enable/disable sensor

Affected version:
MK90.0 July 11 2019

Steps to replicate:
Open any app and then just tal the side of the phone or just pass your phone to another hand. Touching the side of it will close the actual active on screen app.

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