Mi Note LTE Virgo MK90.0 Nightly Update is Missing from repository.

Mi Note LTE Virgo MK90.0 Nightly Update is Missing from repository.
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Suddently today at 03.08.2019 nighlty update for Virgo MK90.0 is missing from the mokee repository and i cant update from mokee center too, is there any preparation for releasing stable version? because this ROM is great, and thank you to GuaiYiHu for her great work.

Server adjustment, please wait for today’s MK90 update and then brush in the full version of the version.
I am using Google Translate to reply to your question. If you have any questions, please understand.

The compilation progress can be found at https://download.mokeedev.com/build.html
In view, virgo is now transferred to buildbot-0x03 to compile

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Thank you for your information, i was worried if the development discontinued. Nice info, thank you once again.




You are welcome, regarding the server adjustment, the following is @martincz posted on Weibo: [Because the three servers currently used to compile 9.0 are fully loaded, you can’t put a new model, so completely stop the 3rd tomorrow. Compile the server’s 8.1 nightly version compilation, and compile the 9.0 nightly version.
The list of models compiled by each server has also been re-adjusted, which facilitates faster compilation of ROM. Some models affected by the re-planning server need to be updated with the full package update. Please pay attention. 】
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На xiaomi mi 6 тоже отсутствует обновление по воздуху . (((

Здравствуйте, пожалуйста, обновите полный пакет, и вы можете обновлять его постепенно. Причина в настройке сервера. Вы можете увидеть ответ выше.
Из Google Translate, если некоторые предложения не являются гладкими, я надеюсь, что понять