ZTE nubia Z9 mini

Hi, I have a chinese model of ZTE nubia Z9 mini and I want to install MK71.2-nx511j-190128-RELEASE.zip. I have installed TWRP, but I also wish whether this ROM is able to run in this smartphone.

Z9 mini is nx511j, nx511j is Z9 mini.

I do not understand your answer. Please ask me the following question?
Does this ROM could be installed in the ZTE nubia 9 mini chinese model?
I have installed the Navin_n ROM from xda-developers and upgraded from Android 5.04 to 5.11 a year ago and it is working fine.
I do not want to have VoltE installed, the mobile bands in my country are 2g gsm 850,1800 and 1900, 3g umts are 850,1900 and LTE 4g 700,1700 and 2100.
Will be ok?
Thanks in advance

nx511j is ZTE nubia 9 mini. What are you worrying about?

I am worried about whether the radio signals of the modem will be ok after flashing the rom.
That’s all, I will try.

I backup my phone data using TWRP 3.2.1 before installing the ROM and gapps and put the backup in the external SD card.
I installed the ROM yesterday, also using TWRP 3.2.1. I put the ROM and the gapps in the phone but I could not install gapps because I recieved a message Error 70 saying there is insufficient space to install opengapps. The ROM is cool and everything was working all right.
I restore the phone backup from the SD card to the previous state, with Android 5.1.1 and tried to install the ROM and opengapps from the sdcard, with the same problem when installing opengapps.
I compared the Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 ROM with yours, which is almost 100 Mb bigger than RR. Aslo using opengapps. ARM64-7.1-pico is a little bigger than ARM64-8.1-pico.
The RR6.2.1 ROM with opengapps installed successfully on the NX511J device.
I am writting this post in order to help, as I said your ROM is fantastic.
Thanks in advance.

use pico.

pico依旧提示空间不足,刷完系统没重启直接刷的pico 依旧如此,请问还有什么原因呢?