Donation, licence issue

Donation, licence issue
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So. Long time ago I’ve donated MoKee on my Mi3W Cancro. I have license file. But my Mi3W tottaly broken. Now I use an Redmi3 Ido…but my license is not good for R3. I am a translator on Crowdin, I need a phone with licence, I need incremental updates and fast speed download. Can I able to transfer my licence to my Redmi3? Or I need pay donation again? Waiting your answer, thanks in advance. MKAdam from Crowdin.

License can’t be transferred. Since the two device may be maintained by two different people.

No. GuaiYiHu is

Aries / Cancro / Clover / Gucci / Helium / Hydrogen / Ido / Kenzo / Leo / Libra / Markw / Taurus / Violet / Virgo / Whyred / Wt88047 Maintainer too.

Cancro and Ido also.

Never mind. I thought…ehh never mind.

I thought my work on translating MoKee was worth something … but it didn’t matter. It’s a strange world … I’m helping … but I can’t wait for gratitude for it.

Can one get a Xiaomi for free after he already owned an old Xiaomi? No.

When I broken my Mi3, I bought a Redmi3 by my own money. Can one get a new Xiaomi for free after I am already owned an old Xiaomi? No.

I do not use this phone for calling…just for verify the translation. I bought this not for myself…just for MoKee…and hungarian language…this is my fault…Sorry

But I uderstand yout words. Forget my problem. Have a good life. Bye.

The maintainer bought his phone my his own money, too.

Translation can be verified on any phone, since the whole project shares the same translation. But the maintainer has to buy EVERY phone he maintains.

Hello! Donation history has disappeared on my phone after installing the OTA update.

Try click restore license

That helped. Thanks for the help

You’re welcome.

Hi! I’ve made donation 68 CNY. After installing premium version, there is an attention, the license key is only available for person who made 68 CNY donation. How can I get the license file?