List bug all rom and i hope dev can fix it

List bug all rom and i hope dev can fix it //
none 5.0 0

I use the mokee rom version
there is a bug on Instagram, that is, it can’t play videos, can’t play videos on Instagram story, can’t upload videos or pictures through Instagram stories or Instagram feeds
even though the data traffic went well but did not want to play the video (see Video)

also in story whatsapp sometimes it can’t play videos

here I include Log and Video Files .

I hope in the next release version or later in the History version this problem can be resolved

I don’t use the pie version because it’s very lagging in the rom pie and I don’t think it’s suitable for multi-tasking and daily drivers .

also good at mokee 7.1 but this version is too outdated and can’t use blutooth audio

why I use version 8.1 because this version is suitable for my daily driver

This bug on mokee 9.0 pie
On last mokee pie cancro if i using magisk 19.3 or 19.4 safetynet not pass
And if i using magisk 19.2 all working fine


I hope dev can fix it

Link Log file and Video