Nubia Z17s 无法使用副摄 (之前可以)

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问题描述: 谷歌相机无法调用副摄, 之前某个版本正常. 没注意更新到哪个版本后不行, 当前版本不行.

当前版本: MK90.0-nx595j-908281252-NIGHTLY


  1. 安装 Google Camera:
  2. 修改 prop:,
    重启后 getprop 确认修改已生效.
  3. 重启, 在相机界面长按镜头切换按钮.

期待结果: 可切换副摄, 拍照像素为 23MP.

当前结果: 无法切换副摄.

Easier to delete the whole line

Sorry for the late reply. I will try it, thank you.

I have deleted the lines in


but nothing changed in camera app, it doesn’t work.