Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (China DualSIM,SM-N9002)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (China DualSIM,SM-N9002)
The proximity sensor does not work on this firmware, the screen does not turn off during a call. Also a problem with bluetooth - music is transferred from the phone to the device, and talking on the mobile network is just noises.
Also hard to hear from the speaker - low volume.

I requested the release from the 28th - problems remained!

[] I installed this firmware, but the problems remained!

Both sim cards are periodically disconnected, writes null!

The update of September 11 did not solve the problems! []

MK81 has stopped maintenance and will not fix bugs again. [RELEASE version] will only merge monthly Android security patches.

What firmware, in your opinion, is the best for SM-9002?

I read somewhere about firmware 9 on this phone. Don’t you have her? I agree to be a tester.

Sorry, I don’t have this device, nor the firmware for Android 9.0 on this device.