ZTE Nubia Z17 nx563j - Constantly reconnecting to WiFi

Hi there! Thanks for your hardwork on releasing Mokee, which is great build!

I have an issue with my ZTE Z17 on yesterday’s nightly release…

Bug description: I was able to connect to WiFi spot (Without issues entered password WPA2 TKIP) but phone is connected only for 2-5 seconds to the router, then drops connection and trying one more time with 2-5 sec of successful connect time.
Affected version: MK71.2-nx563j-201710251414-NIGHTLY
Steps to replicate: Not sure, just take a fresh phone, make a wipe of all caches & system, then install above version to fresh phone and try to connect to the router.

Hope you have a solution to that!

reboot your phone and try again or update the system