Several issues on Xiaomi Mi 2s using mokee 8.1 (built 190911)

I installed mk8.1.0-aries-190911-release on my Xiaomi Mi 2s.
I am facing several problems.

  • many random reboots/freezes of the system (new battery, produced in 2018)
  • video is not working
  • frequently the system becomes sluggy, usually when using google assistant or google maps with navigation

Are you planning to fix them in a new release?

Thank you and best regards.

I am enjoying your work and already made a donation, but these issues are very ennoying and make the use of this terminal almost impossible.

I am a user of aries.
I’ve just flashed mk81.0.
but I’m flashing mk90.0 now…

It’s said that these bugs in mk81.0 for aries have been existed for a long time…

How is your experience with the nightly 9.0?
is the randm reboot issue fixed?
Does the video recording using the builtin camera app work?
Are google apps fully working?

i give up on mokee90.0 finally,
for its transition animations are too influent.
what’s more i cannot flash magisk,either.
SO,i choose the history edition(mokee71.2)and it works well.

do you suggest replacing mk8.1 with the history mk7.1.2 ?
No random reboot and freezes in mk7.1.2?
Is hotspot working?
Is video recording working?

I’ve been using it for 3 days and it works well on my phone.
For camera-related functions,i haven’t found bugs yet.
But i have no idea about hotspot because i didn’t try shouldn’t have bugs i guess​:joy:
No Freeze!

believe me,71.2 will surely work better than 81.0 or 90.0.

Hi DreamerT,
I would like to know how is it going with your 7.1.2 on the Mi2S, after a longer period of use.
Any relevant bugs?
GPS, google apps, camera, all working fine? Hotspot? Did you have a chance to try it?
The 8.1 with the latest release (Nov. 14th) has improved significantly, still a bit slow and heavy on the Mi2S. And still freezing from time to time.
Thank you and best regards,

After months of using,I think mk71.2 is the best in stability.
I’ve flashed miui7(Android L), flyme, miui9(marshmallow, last official version), they either freeze frequently or have functional error.

Mokee 81.0 and 90.0 are slow, because they are too new version for this antique-like device.

By the way, my Aries have become my new mp3 player now :joy:. I am using mk100.0 for a colorful experience. Actually it feels far less smooth than mk71.2, but it is enough for a mp3 player.

Except for high battery consuming, mk 71.2 is excellent for daily use. That won’t be a problem if you purchase a new battery.

GPS, gapps, cam, Hotspot all works well in mk71.2
I once even played 3D games on it. Though it released much heat, at least it could work properly.

Thank you very much for your feedback.
I will install mk7.1.2 on my old mi 2S and keep it as a backup.

Meanwhile I bought a MI 9 SE. Excellent device. At least until I will need to replace the battery, or the display… It is completely sealed.

in my opinion,
Smoothness: 7.1.2 > 9.0 or 10.0 > 8.1
Stability: 9.0 or 10.0 > 8.1 > 7.1.2

MoKee 7.1.2 is very smooth, but there are still some problems it running for a long time will kill the background for no reason. and it will sleep to death after closed the screen a while.
There are certain problems with the kernel scheduling of Android 8.1, this leads to the inevitable animation stutter.
Now these two versions have stopped the update service, these bugs can no longer be fixed.

MoKee 9.0 and 10.0 are still being updated and maintained, it fixed some major issues that cause a restart and sleep death, so I think they are the most stable.