mi note lte (virgo) - translates, xposed error, debug mode

Bugs description:

  1. Some menus is not translates to polish completly (especially launcher options).

  2. If I connect my phone to computer via USB, I always have a “debugging mode”. Why ?
    I click on this notify and debbuging options change to “off”. It is working only to next reboot.
    After next reboot debbuging options come back to “on”. Why ?

  3. GooglePay store. Alway if I install new app from store, after install I got the Xposed Error. (Xposed app is stoped).

Affected version:
Latest versions 25102017 and 26102017 for mi note LTE virgo.

Steps to replicate:

First bug:
Please hold finger on desktop mainscreen. Go to “setings” - more texts is not translated to polish.
Please set the wallpaper. Select and apply. This options are in english :confused: not polish

In some menus too…

Second bug:
Connect the phone to computer and try to disable USB debbuging.
It is disabled, ok.
Please reboot phone, debugging are enabled :confused:

Third bug:
Please install any app from play store. Sometimes got an error “Xposed app is stop working”.

Dear developers:
Do You plain the release stable Mokee version ? How time must be elapse to release a stable version for Mi note lte virgo ?

I think, the MoKee rom is very beautiful system. I liked it very much.

Best Regards.

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