Ambient Display

Ambient Display
4.0 1

Please, add these options to Ambient Display for Cancro.IMG-20191028-WA0005
Hand Wave, Pick Up Device and Pocket.

The Photo is from a Redmi Note 4SD and is not an Amoled Display.

Meaningless for LCD.

Sorry you think like that.

Have Mokee in Xiaomi Note 4, it’s display is LCD and it has Ambient Display with pocket detection, pickup device and handwave options, it works great and battery last all day.

It’s really helpfull for acces notifications and minimize the use of power button.

It’s LCD so Ambient Display is not a “must have” feature.

Ok, no problem.

Even that, Mokee is the best ROM for Cancro.

But tell me then, why Mokee version for Mido has full Ambient Display if it has a LCD display too?

It’s because the developer/mainteiner or something else?


But not all phones can keep lighting the screen for 3 days.

Thanks for the answer.

Even so, Mokee is the best ROM i’ve tried for Cancro and Mido.

Have it in these phones right now.

Thank you to all devs and mainteiners for Mokee.

The maintainer want to do.