Redmi3 (ido) License issue

Redmi3 (ido) License issue //
none 5.0 1

Hi @martincz and all great leader and talented developers @GuaiYiHu .
I am MKAdam from Crowdin translation.
I’ve tried to buy 11$ full license, but process stopped in the last step. I’ve tried with bankcard directly…I’ve tried with bankcard in Paypal…andI’ve tried with Paypal balance directly. No success. I am very dissapointed. Please tell me, what is the problem. I want incremental updates and fast download speed. Waiting foryour reply, thanks in advance.

Here is myscreenvideo about the issue!H9pDxQDK!Iw2KZEXZapDlmsb0cisHLOSXtjSQPIWAzkVi_ZFMIZo

Have you try use Google Chrome?

Thank you @martincz . Before I’ve tried with default browser of MoKee, Edge, UC, Samsung, Miui and some browsers.

I don’t like Chrome. So I don’t tried it.

But thanks again Chrome solved my problem!

Cheers and thanks @GuaiYiHu for longtime support!