I can't install GAPPS 9 ARM on the new MOKEE 90 for my "Nubia Z17" NX563J

I can't install GAPPS 9 ARM on the new MOKEE 90 for my "Nubia Z17" NX563J

Hi, I’m new here, and I really admire your work, but I need some help please.

I am using TWRP and I was installing the new version of MK90, I formatted my NX563J installed the RADIO 615 and then the “MK90.0-nx563j-201911182211-PREMIUM” FIRMWARE after installation I installed GAPPS 9.0 ARM Stock … but the MOKEE starts but without GAPPS what is wrong?

Can someone help me? Thank you!!

Remembering that something is happening that might be interesting to help solve this problem, GAPPS that should be installed would be AMR64 but can only install AMR or something is causing the system to recognize 32bits. Does this help in any way? thing? Please thank anyone who gives a hand …

As far as I known, Z17 is an ARM64 device.

May be a bug of the TWRP you’re using.

Qual TWRP vc recomenda? quando coloco o MOKEE 8.1 ele instala como AMR64 e funciona… Mas basta colocar o MOKEE 90 que só aceita o GAPPS ARM e não reconhece o GAPPS quando inicia o sistema.


Valeu a sua dica foi muito importante, o problema era o TWRP … Troquei por uma versão mais nova e fiz o redimensionamento da partição do sistema com o próprio TWRP e tudo deu certo.


Thanks your tip was very important, the problem was TWRP… I switched to a newer version and did the resizing of the system partition with the TWRP itself and everything worked out.

Thank you!