[Redmi 3 / Prime - ido] MK100, Found bugs in the "Nighty" build

[Redmi 3 / Prime - ido] MK100, Found bugs in the "Nighty" build
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Good day, ladies and gentlemen!

I want to report bugs found in second “Nightly” build MK100 for the Redmi 3 \ Prime model.

Actually, I list the bugs found:

  • The fingerprint scanner stops working after a reboot and you cannot add a new fingerprint.

  • The cellular receiver catches the network signal two levels lower (if not more), compared with the stock firmware MIUI 9 - v9.6.2.0

  • GPS very slowly determines the location.

I express my deepest gratitude to the developer @GuaiYiHu for the great work on the 10th version of the android for our Redmi 3. :relaxed: Indeed, thanks to the hard work of the respected GuaiYiHu, we(owners of Redmi 3) can not worry about buying a new smartphone.

I hope that the esteemed person under the nickname GuaiYiHu will be able to overcome the above bugs. :kissing_heart:

Thanks again for the work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Device: Xiaomi Redmi 3 / 3 Prime
Android: 10.0
Build: MK100.0-ido-202001170511-NIGHTLY.zip
Security patch: 01.01.2020

I found one flaw in the screen brightness system:

The minimum brightness in the system interface is not true. This can be seen if we compare the minimum brightness with the same in LineageOS 16 from WinKarbik.

Also, you can technically compare using the RootDim application, which I actually did:

If you set the minimum brightness in LineageOS 16, the brightness value will be 2 units out of 255, which, in fact, can be seen in the first screenshot.

And if you set the minimum brightness in MoKee 10, the brightness value will be 10 units out of 255.

I hope you can fix this bug, @GuaiYiHu.
Thank you for supporting our device.

I hope the authorities can see your post.

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I hope there will be an update soon, because I’m already updated. thanks.

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same here… my device since this update google service and all google apps are stop working, i hope they can fix that too

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This bug has been fixed thanks to WinKarbik.

At the same time, a new bug came up that I managed to learn about from the participants in the 4PDA forum in the relevant topic.
The essence of this bug:

  • After turning on(using) Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi module stops seeing the previously used Wi-Fi networks. This bug appears after 2 (or more) weeks of using MK100 firmware. Rebooting temporarily helps fix this, but only until the Bluetooth is turned on.

I hope you can fix this, and the bugs described above, @GuaiYiHu.
Thank you for supporting our device.

Former Redmi 3 maintainer krasCGQ reported that this can be fixed.

I duplicate the dialogue from the Telegram chat, which reports what the essence of the correction is:

For first post there:
#2 dunno if MoKee wants to add that ignore RSSNR thingy, you’ll have to live with that; or change to ROM that DOES ignore RSSNR signal level.

What’s that?

It ignores values reported by RSSNR and returns what RSRP reports instead

RSSNR included noise level into account so it can be lower than RSRP

Thank you for noticing this.
Do not tell me at what level of source code can this be fixed? At the Device Tree level or MoKee source?


DT needs to have the overlay config to be set to true

Do you have any example of fixing this ailment on Github/GitLab/etc. in the form of a commit?

PE devices repo

For DT, most QTI devices are already having the overlay

@GuaiYiHu I suppose you can solve this?

Here, by the way, are examples of using this commit.