MK71.2 - Xiaomi Mi note LTE virgo - privacy protected apps, completly not working :/

Bug description:

Privacy >>> Protected apps - this function completly not working.
Apps not blocked :confused:

Affected version:

Steps to replicate:

  1. Please go to settings >>> privacy >>>protected apps,
  2. Please Add the unlock pattern,
  3. Next, You see list of the apps to lock,
  4. Please select (ex. messages, settings etc.)apps to lock,
  5. If checked (locked) please back to the main screen.
  6. Please try to run locked apps. (ex. click on messages or settings app)

App is starting and visible normally - It’s NOT LOCKED :confused:
Function completly not work :confused:

  1. After lock, unlock the phone or restart the phone - function not working too.

Please check this and correct bugs.

Best Regards.

Issue confirmed.