Double senders in Receive MMS messages - MK71.2, MI Note Virgo LTE.

Bug description:

If anyone send me MMS i receive MMS messages from 2 contacts. One from contact(sender) and one from my number why ?
If I reply to this message, Phone sent 2 messages. For sender and for my number, why ?

Affected version:

Steps to replicate:

  1. Please send from another device MMS message to Mokee device.
  2. Please open a messages app in Mokee device, take a look at “sender field”.
    In sender field You see 2 senders:
    -sender number,
    -my phone number,

Why is not visible ONLY contact (sender) number ?
Why I see on this field My phone number ?

  1. If I reply to this message, phone send 2 messages, one to sender, and copy to my number.

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