Error deleting files&folders via MTP - Xiaomi Mi note LTE Virgo - MK71.2 (07.11.2017)

Bug description:

If try to delete many files or folders from phone storage memory (via Windows and MTP connection), I have a error “Device is disconnected”.

Affected version:

all olders and actual version: MK71.2-virgo-201711071955-NIGHTLY

Steps to replicate:

  1. Please connect (via USB) phone to a Computer (with Windows OS).
  2. Please select in phone, “MTP file transfer”.
  3. Please enter to storage memory via Windows explorer,
  4. Please select with CTRL or SHIFT, few folders or files and try delete it.
    You cannot delete, because Windows said error: “Cannot continue operation, because device is disconnected”.

If You try to delete one by one file or folder, sometimes deleted ok, without errors.

Please fix this bug.

Cable is tested and ok. In TWRP via MTP all working very well.

Best Regards.

Problem confirmed.