Bug list's Meizu 16th

Bug list's Meizu 16th
none 3.0 1

Using mokee from a week I think that Devs must fix poor mobile network signal, poor GPS signal, MTP don’t work, auto brightness don’t work the majority of time and some devices have problems with proximity sensor (black screen in calls

Whats more of a miracle is you actually being able to install Mokee on the Meizu 16th.
I cant get it to boot at all. :confused:

Did you format your data partition?

Well, i tried a lot of things… wiping or not, the mokee rom just keeps booting, but never successfuly booting.
Wether i update fron flyme 7 or 8 the result is the same,
And installing magisk or no verity, every situation is bootloop, i have no idea where the problem is.:confused:

Are you sure that you’re flashing the correct mokee for your model? Try to flash first experimental ROM with first radio

FORMAT your data.

Thanks, what’s with the radio thing, i have the meizu 16th cellphone and i’m not sure if i’m using the right zips.
Any specific order i need to follow?
Thank you for your patience, i’m kinda new to this and i love my meizu so much, wanna get the most out of it.

, Hello after using MoKee in Meizu note 9, detect bus, battery charging image when phone off does not exist , volte setting don,t haven , poor quality photos compared to the camera stock, I have tempted without success installing GCAM, there is no version, all crash , poor sinal mobile , the rest work fine , very fine so far .

Radio, Mokee firware, gapps, magisk, affter ,reboot, tewrp format data , reflash mokee firmware again , gapps, magisk ,It won’t crash anymore

doesn’t work google assistant and google notification reminders too… any ideas why so?