Meizu 16s

Meizu 16s

Maybe my ideas are something specific but I still want to propose them.

  • Sim deactivation in settings, because at the moment this is only done by physically removing the sim
  • DC Light
  • Adding the existing option in Flyme, which assumes that when you pick up the phone, its screen goes into the on state, which is called Wake Up or something like that.
  • FaceUnlock if it is possible
  • Additional settings for AOD
  • Battery status style hidden
  • Adding a vibration level setting
  • Adding the setting where if someone calls you and the phone is placed or returned with the screen down it silently passes the given call
  • Adding an automatic call recording option as in Flyme with additional settings
  • Battery settings, such as “Balanced / Performance”

    If any new ideas come up, I’ll update this list

Additional what?

Dial -> Settings. Already there for years. No reason to move it to somewhere called “additional settings”.

I mean we not have default options for call recording.

Additional settings for Always on Display