Screen Recording Bug - Xiaomi Mi Note LTE (Virgo) - MK71.2 (11.11.2017)

Bug description:

After recording for about 1 minute, screen recording will NOT stop when it is stopped by pressing [STOP] button in the status bar, but will work when it is stopped in the Recorder app.

Affected version:


Steps to replicate:

  1. Launch [Recorder] app.
  2. Press the [Record] button above for screen recording.
  3. A small menu will pop up, press the [Record] button again to start recording.
  4. Record the screen for about 1 minute.
  5. Stop the recording by dragging down the status bar, and drag down again on the Screen Recorder section to show more info, press [STOP].
  6. The [STOP] button won’t work.