Selinux Permissive Nubia Red magic(NX609J)

Selinux Permissive Nubia Red magic(NX609J)
none 5.0 1

Nothing works with selinux permissive. The 9.0 and 10.0 roms are having permissive linux. No banking apps works either. . There are multiple reports regarding same. But nothing. The device is getting upstream kernel updates but once you try to mess with selinux in boot.img, it throws errors after a while.
Please make selinux enforcing, its security loophole also and no banking app works without it. Most of the devices even that are using lineageOs sources are having selinux enforcing.
When users are ready to gives logs then what’t the matter that no one replies here
@XiNGRZ Please can you take a look.

I don’t have any Nubia devices. Please contact the maintainer of your device.

he never replies when i ask him about this. He always says don’t need your logs. I am willing to contribute whatever i can. But nothing.

like see this

I mean how many times?