Mi 4S with Mokee10 doesn't work correctly with fingerprint scanner

Bug description:
The Mokee 10 on my mi 4S does not work correctly with the fingerprint scanner. The unlock by fingerprint stops working when the smartphone reboots. After first unlock by pin code, fingerprint unlock does not start working.
If you try to add a new fingerprint after rebooting, the addition process does not work.
If you close the settings, open again and try to add a new fingerprint, it is added. From now on, all applications start working with the Fingerprint scanner.
But unlocking smartphone by fingerprint does not start working in any way.

Affected version:
Any MK100.0-libra-…

Steps to replicate:
Add one or more fingerprints
Reboot the smartphone
Unlock it once with a pin code.
Lock and try to unlock with fingerprint

It’s not the first message, there’s a lot of them in the bug report.
Developers, why aren’t you trying to fix it?

Up. Developers, ping…!