HELP, i cant install mokee on my ZOOM device

hi, im new user. i join and i want to ask something. My phone is Vibe shot / zoom. I had unlock bootloader, install twrp, and i had download mokee zip nightly file. AND>>> the problem is…

when i was clear cache,system,data and dalvik. I want to flash the Latest ZIP mokee nightly file. and the problem appear. The installing process stuck after big word “MOKEE” and my phone gonna blackscreen with vibrate and shutdown without OS.

where is the problem??
i had try 3 zips of MOKEE files. and its same.
Maybe u can help me

sad! @martincz


这样的问题我遇到过, 主要是因为你将部分关键数据删除了导致的, 可以按照下面的思路解决问题。 先用过官方的线刷工具, 刷入完整的官方刷机包, 然后再刷入魔趣的每夜版就可以了。
注意, 一定要用线刷工具刷入官方的完整包, 再刷twrp, 然后再刷魔趣。

希望你能看懂中文, 我能看懂英文, 就是不会书写英文

when i translate urs language, i read ‘official line tool brush’ , ‘wire brush’. i dunno what is that mean.
can u use translator and paste to this topic :frowning:

what he mean is you might wipe some data or driver, you should use official flash tool to flash your original rom, then unlock, install twrp, flash mokee, wipe user data/cache. should be work now.

do not wipe data or system.

if i dont wipe data or system, how about its old system ? will it replace the old files or make other system itself?

if i dont wipe data or system, how about its old system? will it replace the old files or make other system itself?

and theres no original twrp for zoom device. so i try cn version and russian twrp

it will replace the old system with mokee i believe

i am not sure whether the twrp version will affect your flashing

according to the following steps, you can install mokee rom into your device.

  1. flash full official rom (the rom is offered by your vendor) by wire flash tool supplied by your venor.
  2. flash the twrp into your device. the orignal twrp can not work rightly. you should have the twrp which is modified for your device.
  3. flash the nightly mokee rom into your device by twrp. note: you should not wipe any data. otherwise , the mokee can not work rightly. because there are not driver, and hardware libs in mokee rom as a third rom, then the mokee rom works rightly.

Hi, i have install mokee, thanks. I want ask once again.
why i cant transfer data to my pc. My pc doesnt show my device. i had install driver before.
there is 4 choices, charging, transfer, PTP and MIDI, when i choose transfer or PTP, pc cant detect my device too.

whats wrong

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sorry, i havent met such a problem yet!

try another computer or cable…