NX531j mokee 10 bugs


I begin by thanking the effort. It is not something that everyone can do. So thanks!

For me mokee 7.1.2 is the best version so far. Virtually bug free. I donate to it
However version 9 and now 10 present the same bugs over and over again. In version 10 after 3 days using it:

  • Whatsupp video from chats does not play
  • If you run video from the stock gallery it does not always play. With another player it works, mx video player for example
  • When video record (stock app) ir doesn’t save (internal or external). DEfault options set
  • With video call (Wahtsupp) the sound is distorted
  • Sometimes 4G does not connect. Possible solution: https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=782022&st=0#entry54760619
  • The wifi hotspot does not work. My wifi is dissabled and the other connected doens’t surf

If someone knows the solution to these problems, please indicate it

The installation has been clean with micro arm64 gaaps from opengaps.com. I can’t change kernell, i don’t know if mokee override it when install
Thank you

To fix the video issue in mokee
Add this line to build.prop