Nubia Z17 (NX563J) Bluetooth Audio Drops Out

Nubia Z17, NX563J

Thank you very much for your help. I really like the Mokee rom.

Bug description:
When the phone connects to my car or Bluetooth headphones, and I place a call, the Bluetooth audio will drop out about 30 seconds into the call. Tested with two different cars. Others also keep having the same problem. I saw several people talking about it on XDA. Also, when an incoming call comes in, and it is answered with Bluetooth, the audio will drop out 30 seconds into the call. The call stays connected, and you can talk to the other person on speakerphone. Then, it connects to the Bluetooth again on its own and works again.

Affected version: MK71.2-nx563j-201711131413-NIGHTLY

Steps to replicate: Connect phone to a vehicle Bluetooth. Place a call from the car and wait until Bluetooth audio drops out. Receive a call in the vehicle. Wait until it drops out.