[Cancro] Incoming SMS being achived [MK90-REL]

[Cancro] Incoming SMS being achived [MK90-REL]
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SMS are being archived as and when they arrive. I am constantly having to unarchive all new texts. This is with stock configuration, and stock apps… I haven’t changed any setting that could have lead to this behaviour, and it does not occur on other ROMs…

It’s been a long standing bug on the release version of the Mokee ROM that apparently hasn’t been fixed for the Cancro (Xiaomi Mi3W) for a while now. I am having to use a different SMS app as default, because it is such a nuisance.

It’s a MoKee specific feature.

It’s a feature for years, not a bug.

Why would anyone want every text message they receive - go into an ‘Archived’ area away from the main inbox view. That cannot be claimed to be a feature. What is the point of the Inbox view, if nothing arrives there? It surely is a bug… When it occurs, it shifts the whole conversation thread into archived. And so I un-archive it from the ‘Archived’ area… It will remain in ‘Inbox’ until the next text comes in. When the next text arrives it shifts the whole conversation thread back into ‘Archived’. Makes no sense.

This happens over and over again with all of my conversation threads. Where is the logic in that? Usually an ‘Archive’ area is for conversation threads that exceed a predefined time/date. Old SMS without recent communications… Communications older than 30 days for instance. What is actually happening is not the correct behaviour.

Just feel free to use another SMS app, for example Google Messages.

I think the developers really need to reconsider this ‘feature’… That is not the correct behaviour for archiving messages… Instead of checking the inbox for new messages, I have to look in archived… That just isn’t right. Does your forum have support for POLL’s? I’d like to set one up.

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