NX591J Mokee MK100 video problems

NX591J Mokee MK100 video problems

Mandatory report format:
Bug description: Whatsapp, instagram and gallery videos don’t work at all and youtube videos take a long time to load
Affected version: MK100.0-nx591j-202005290800-NIGHTLY
Steps to replicate: Just try to record a video with camera and play it on gallery or open any video with whatsapp or instagram and it won’t play

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Same problem, however instagram videos are working but gallery videos don’t. XIAOMI Redmi 7a MK100.0-pine-202005291341-NIGHTLY

A same problem with “MK90.0-nx591j-200512-RELEASE.zip” ever I try play video I can’t. This afect ALL media include Chrome, YouTube, Netflix, Google ads and more.

… I have already reported this problem for more than a month for the NX591J … ROM update comes out, MK100.0-nx591j-202006261846-NIGHTLY.zip, every single day, and nothing changes … in fact, even changes arises one or another bug in the system … I suspect that we will only have the bugs resolved if we make a donation …