OTA updates failing

OTA updates failing
5.0 1

Bug description: OTA updates failed on redmi note 7 pro
Affected version:MK100.0-violet-202006131602-NIGHTLY.zip
Steps to replicate: incremental update via orange fox recovery.

install-recovery.sh has unexpected contents.
I’ll add it into exclude list, you can apply incremental update next version.

Thanks for the quick response. i’m waiting for next update.

Maybe orange fox recovery changed this script.

even though the phone updated partially.only build date updated. I got error in recovery.If you remove install-recovery.sh from all the lines in updater script, that could fix the issue.

looks like I need to fix another bug.

:rofl: try apply to next nightly version

Okay I’ll wait then :joy::joy:

Today’s OTA failed again. I am unable to attach logs here. If you need logs i can send you via telegram.

final fix…

Thanks again for your help. i’ll test once new OTA comes up.

Thanks for the fix. OTA works well now. case closed :slightly_smiling_face: